Welcome to world of “Desi Gau”  this gaushala is the shelter house of 40,000+ indigenous gau, abandon from there owner, maximum cows of these are non-milking


Importance of BRAJGAU

According to P.P. Shri Ramesh Baba Maharaaj  “Braj” is the place where their is collection of cows, Lord Shri Krishna is know as “Gopal” which means who takes care of gau. In “rigved” it is mentioned Shree Krishna resides where their are gau.

Importance of gau can be seen that Rishi Chavan has said the place where gau is free from fear that place gets more and more beautiful and all sins of that place are removed. According to ved out of seven reason why earth is one its place is gau.  Gau is not any animal or mammal but she is our “maa” whose one should take care good care of not to get its milk but to take care of it that is the reason why Shree Mataji Gaushala has never denied to any cow,ox or calf. 

What is a gaushala in word of P.P.Shri Ramesh Baba Maharaaj